Who We Are

Knoxville Internet is an established Internet consulting firm  providing planning, design, and online marketing services to clients and partners around the globe.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee with a love for East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains, the majority of our clients are East Tennessee businesses who have a desire to work with a locally owned and operated company.  However, clients are not limited to the geographic region of Tennessee and the Southeast due to the digital online communication methods allowed by the Internet, our clients stretch from all areas of the country.

Our company background is in advertising, marketing and computer set-up and training, which helps us to provide a unique atmosphere of customer service and a working knowledge of business development to bring your company into the Internet with information to successfully compete. We are locally owned and operated with our staff proudly calling Tennessee their permanent home. We specialize in helping companies promote their business in Knoxville, East Tennessee, the U.S. and around the world.

Knoxville Internet approaches each partner/client requirement on an individual basis. From the initial
stages of an Internet start up to the redesigning of established Internet business web sites,
we can provide the full range of commercial skills, programming tools and design capabilities that
will ensure that your Internet presence has the best possible chance of being a profitable one.

All in a language that you will understand... Our initial consultation is free and at all times we
strive to propose solutions that are cost effective and timely.





Website production is only a small part of making your Internet presence profitable